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I am a mixed media artist yearning for magic and wild energies.

On Gumroad I am currently offering "Darkness Dreaming" a weird ass art magazine that I created, curated, and contributed to. Each one has multiple contributors. ISSUE 3 HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED! (Pdf copies here and physical copies on ETSY)

Darkness Dreaming is an homage to sacred nonsense,

and promises to be a cacophony of madness and wonder.

The publication revolves around the art and imaginings of

Lydia Burris and friends, and will be printed ... Whenever the time is right.

It includes nonsense, dark things, not so dark things,

silly things, and surrealism. It is filled with layers of art,

words, poetry, photos, story vignettes, and other creative miscellany.

Check out my website for more examples of my artwork!

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Darkness Dreaming 02: Beginnings, Manifestations, and Garbanzo Beans

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Darkness Dreaming 01: The End of Things

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Darkness Dreaming 03: One Thousand Dreams Deep