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Darkness Dreaming 01: The End of Things

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December 2020

It was the end of the year and the beginning of this new journey into the "DARKNESS DREAMING" zine (or magazine).

Darkness Dreaming is an homage to sacred nonsense, and promises to be a cacophony of madness and wonder. The publication revolves around the art and imaginings of Lydia Burris and friends, and will be printed ... Whenever the time is right. It includes nonsense, dark things, not so dark things, silly things, and surrealism. It is filled with layers of art, words, poetry, photos, story vignettes, and other creative miscellany.

*** Issue 01 is all about the END of things. We have epic endings. Mundane endings. Poems, art and random creative things alluding to an END.
There is even a desert recipe, because, well, that generally comes at the END of a meal.

***Issue 01 includes contributions from:

Ryan Case
Anne Dougans
Mika Metsätähti
Steven Newlin
John Chen
Mr. Dark (Matt Fisher)
Shane Izykowski
Brian "Bluebeard " Miskelley 
Elizabeth Galindorf
Baba Zambi
Brian Schreiber
Angela C. Quincey
Erin M. Trimble
Lydia Burris

All contributors paid in copies of the zine and lavish compliments.


There were only about 110 physical copies printed and they are all sold out!
The digital copies are the only ones available currently.
The PDF download is about 19.5mb

The original pages are 8.5" x 11" .

Enjoy this journey with us! Thank you so much for your interest and support!

----------- HEADS UP -----------

DARKNESS DREAMING is recommended for a mature and/or open audience.
There are dark themes and very occasional super brief artistic nudity.

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A PDF of Black and White weird creative goodness.

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Darkness Dreaming 01: The End of Things

0 ratings
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